Our Standards

No shade to homemade, but we don't play around when it comes to face masks. After all, skin-care is self-care. So, it’s not always the best choice to slap whatever bulk bin fabric crafter Joan has in the dusty corners of her closet straight onto your face. Especially when it’s for an hour or three or even eight per day.

Fabric choice is important. Like, really important. You wouldn’t wear a business suit to the beach, right? Or a bathing suit to work

Not only would Karen from HR be seething with rage at your next conference meeting, but you’d quickly realize that the vastly different fabrics of the two pieces of clothing are made for vastly different purposes. Face masks, too, should be made with appropriate materials, chosen for their intended use, and not the producer’s convenience. It’s as simple as that. 

We've seen far too many companies grab whatever fabric they can find, stitch it up and sell it on the open market, without a thought to the details.

At Aegis, we said no way. Here's a list of the exhaustive tests our masks go through:

  • Quantitative chemical analysis to ensure compositional accuracy 
    • Standard GB/T-2910
  • H20 Extraction testing for Formaldehyde, Free or Hydrolyzed
    • Standard GB/T 2912.1
  • Colorfastness Verification for Soap, Detergent and Soda
    • Standard GB/T 3921-2008
  • Verification fo Colorfastness to Agitation/Rubbing
    • Standard GB/T 3920
  • Verification of Colorfastness to Perspiration (Sweat)
    • Standard GB/T 3922
  • Air Permeability Testing
    • Standard GB/T 5453
  • Inspection for Fabric Strength under 40w Light for weave integrity

As an example of how much we care about testing our face masks, here's how we test for air permeability:

    • The pressure drop on each side of the sample is tested against a force measured at 100 Pascals (Pa); this force is applied to an area of 20 square centimeters of the skin-facing surface; the tested zone is the the center of the face mask. Three face masks are each tested once. The arithmetic mean of these tests is the final result.

Clearly, we don't mess around.

Each Aegis face mask is a piece of fashion, but it is also a piece of workmanship. It is not an afterthought, not a bandwagon-result. Our products are the result of scientific precision in development and care all so that you can shelter in grace.

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